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Warmth from Winter Bodywork Special

Men: $375 1 hour - $500 2 hours
Women: $350 1 hour - $475 2 hours

Namaste! Thank you so much for looking over my sessions and for considering me to be your Goddess, guide and guru and for sharing in your Tantric experience and journey. Tantra is a very personal and VERY exciting journey for all involved, which is why I am highly particular as to who I offer this journey to. I need to be sure that the potential client/client is as serious about Tantra as I am as Tantra is a sacred gift which I wish to share with you...it comes from the heart...it is an overall special AND SACRED occurrence. In order to be considered I require three pieces of information. It is very important for me to know a bit more about my clients, as I solely don't base acceptance on a single email or partially filled out Reservation form. Tantra is only offered to a select few, and not everyone asking to meet with me, will actually get to share in this experience. I base my final decision on the following ~ A) A completed CONTACT form (found on the CONTACT/last page of this site), B) Biography about you/yours, and C) An intention letter which of course, is just an extension of the personal biography. I do ask a lot, only because the more I know as your Guide, the more I can customize your session with me. All sessions require one or more discussions and input from my potential client(s).

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For those wishing Dark Tantra for instance, I would need to know what type of scenario the client wishes to create/re-create. For Goddess Worship and other sessions, discussion and input are also quite important, in order to discuss boundaries, fears, hopes and concerns. When preparing your contact form, please also take a long moment to prepare your bio and intention letter which should include what you'd like to experience in your journey with me, whether or not you are hoping to seek to enhance your personal self, whether or not you are looking to enhance a relationship, what you are hoping to learn/gain from our session, and finally, anything you would like to share with me and feel would be pertinent to a successful journey. I am always happy to meet with a client/potential client over a PRE TANTRA meeting, as it will give you a better understanding of me, and myself of you. SO with all being said, please continue to enjoy reading about my offerings!

My offerings and gifts to you:

Pre Tantra Consultations:

I encourage singles or couples to meet with me for a light lunch or cafe meet. There are many possible clients that would love to book a session with me, but to discuss goals and interests over the phone could sometimes be impossible with hectic schedules. I am sure our meeting will be a favourable one, and will escalate to positive, warm comfort level. Clients can book a session with me at that time for a LATER date (not the same day however.

$100 per meeting, not to exceed 1 3/4 hours

Tantra For MEN

Designed for those who wish the entire gamut and to escape life for a while. This session is considered to be the climax of an awakening, while developing sexual energy as a lustful, healing, consciousness-expanding source of strength. Session is designed for those wishing to experience an abundance of pureness, awe, lust, vitality, exploration, delight and insight. (Not recommended for those in a hurry or for those that MUST answer their mobile phones).
These sessions start with opening discussion, ceremonial bath, male sacred spot, Prostate therapy, lingam instruction and massage, men's health issues (if needed...if not a man may choose to opt out of this), such as ED or male impotence (sexual dysfunction), basic Tantra instruction & closing discussions. The male MUST take on a passive role in a male Tantra Session, and must leave the entire session open to full relaxation. NOTE - ED is characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the lingam. There are various underlying causes, such as cardiovascular leakage and diabetes...treated by a board certified urologist or medical professional...if you've been diagnosed as healthy with NO medical conditions, than Tantra can help with these issues.

$475 90 minutes, $850 2 hours, $1000 3 hours, $1200 4 hours

Couples Sessions (male/female or female/female sessions)

This session is designed for couples that would like to share in a Tantra experience with each other as a joint journey of love into their bodies and hearts. The journey together is designed so both can share their spirit and intimate experiences together, openly discuss and experience pleasure, tenderness, sensuality, caring touch and pure bliss. Instruction and hands on demonstrations are an essential part of this session.
This session starts with opening discussion, tea ceremony, candle lit ceremonial bath, mutual massage, four handed massage, male sacred spot, prostate therapy, goddess spot massage, lingam instruction and massage, yoni instruction by hands on method and massage & closing discussions.

$475 hour, multiple hours discounted

Tantra for Women

Designed for those women that would like to enjoy a totally different experience. If you would like to cautiously come to know more about yourself and wish to learn how to shed old wounds in a secure environment with a completely understanding female Tantra provider, you have chosen the right path with me.

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This session is a journey for women who want to experience a new body, spirit and soul and wish to be pampered by a woman that can make them forget life, family, husband and stresses of the work place for a while. My females will receive my undivided attention, as I take the time to listen to their inquiries and discuss their wishes. You can count on full relaxation while the entire body is involved and the senses will be given the utmost of pleasure.
My plan for women is that a new person emerges, guided by the careful touch of expert hands. My goal is to create an atmosphere which enables a woman to undergo a new experience and to deepen an understanding of her inner self.

$350 90 minutes, $650 2 hours, $800 3 hours...longer sessions available

Goddess Worship Sessions & Mutual Tantra Sessions

A session dedicated for those who wish to devote themselves entirely to the Goddess by correspondingly nourishing her femininity in a strong field of safety and support. Learn to experience giving lustful ecstasy, massage and energy in a harmonic sensual composition.
This session usually start with warm greeting, light repast/tea & discussion, candle lit ceremonial bath, demonstration of pleasure and sensuality, Yoni massage, goddess spot massage, instruction, golden blessing, nectar of the goddess and warm closing discussions.

$500 per hour

White Tantra Sessions

White Tantra is for the individual in a more intimate and relaxed setting. I will invite you to awaken your subtle body and become a channel of pureness. The white symbolizes the purity of consciousness, connection to the source, balance and unity of all colors. We will work as "one;" it is a place to see and be seen, speak and be heard, to touch upon the souls of others and be touched by their presence. It says in Upanishad: "Who sees all being in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear." In this session, you will develop that higher vision.
Tantra is a precious gift from the East, which has been traditionally transmitted as a combination of passion and purity. The passion component has been readily embraced in the West, while the purity component has been often overlooked. Purity of unbendable intent, warm heart and splendor of purified energy body are the foundation of authentic sacred practice of tantra.
In White Tantra, realize how important it is to experience the freedom that tantra brings. There is a global need for awareness to consider on-going white tantric work as a preliminary for spiritual practice which includes sexual alchemy. In this session, we will work on creating a solid foundation for you, as a seeker, while you will learn to develop your own unique and intimate self BEFORE having intimate contact with your significant other, learning how to transform your emotions into wisdom, judgment into acceptance, attachment into unconditional love.

During the White Tantric Healing circle we will work on:
  • Clearing mental noise
  • Achieving Emotional Balance
  • Cleansing suffering from the depth of our being
  • Releasing body memories
  • Purifying the Nadis (energy channels)
  • Sharpening the senses
  • Enhancing intuition and creativity
  • Restoring the body's natural sexual charge
  • Transmuting sexual energy into honeywaves of bliss
  • Disappearing as self, into love

We will use a series of tantra tools including: silent meditation, various types of therapeutic exercises, emotional release techniques and sharing. You will learn how to practice without necessarily having a partner, finding the polarity within yourself, connecting to all feminine and all masculine in the universe. It is a powerful and truly liberating way to be. My goal for you, as you indulge into White Tantra is for you to start feeling an on-going ecstatic connection between your body, your mind and your soul, which will radiate in every day aspects of your life.
With continued practice and ongoing sessions, you will maintain the blazing of your inner fire which purifies the soul. The time you spend on spiritual practice is the only time which would have a long lasting effect on your being in your awakened state, in your dreams, and as tantric believe, in your other lives to come.

$350 90 minutes, $450 2 hours, $575 3 hours

Dark Tantra for Men OR Women

A session for those that wish to explore out of the "expected" every day realm. Here we will break the usual Tantra taboo as I call it, by using various techniques such as discussion of the inner thoughts and ideas you have always wanted to play and experiment with, but were too ashamed to ask or try with your partner. Special attention is given to play techniques as we talk and act out your hidden fantasies and explore these fantasies and fetishes with discussion and various types of role play.

Session starts with opening discussions and tea ceremony, candle lit bath ceremony and then we will disappear into Dark Tantra either blind folded or not, depending on the client and his or her comfort level with me during Dark Tantra. THIS is of the utmost importance. We will experiment with power play, role play, fetish and fantasy...(you must be the submissive...this is a requirement), and must easily be able to drop the "macho" masculine image or "frilly" feminine side carried with you on a daily basis, and turn it over to me, your Goddess. This session is similiar to a Goddess Worship session, but the difference now is that I will have complete power and control over you, the client. Please note that these types of sessions take a long time to plan, so I require a week at least. Also note that with any session you book with me, that they are planned and masterminded by me and no one else, and not tossed together to make up a time slot. I require input from clients wishing Dark Tantra, and a letter of what you seek is of the utmost importance. These types of scenario's must be planned together, so speaking on the phone or even meeting in person to discuss your fantasies and explorations is vital for a session that you will always remember for years to come.

$500 hour

* Longer sessions are available...Dark Tantra is fully customized according to clients needs and what they wish to explore during this session.

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Coaching for Sensuality, Private Consultations and Phone Consultations

$100 hour

Telephone Sessions With Written Assignments

Designed for those who live too far to make a session. This package includes one weekly phone call of 1 hour, followed up the day after with a summary of our discussion and if applicable, written exercises and homework for practice. Can be done weekly including assignments, or at a discounted rate if paid up front for the month.

$175 per week

$550 per month discounted if paid upfront

Customized Sessions, Group Gatherings, Seminars and Workshops

Please inquire on my Reservation Page

Sponsor Agi to You

I sometimes will have the opportunity to travel for a 'few' select VIP clients or prior clientele. Please contact me via my Reservation Form for details.

$2800 to $3500 - 5 hour Tantra lessons, sessions and extensive work. Please note that over night sessions such as this require an additional fee AND are USUALLY available to prior clientele only.

"Though a woman is reserved, and keeps her feelings concealed; when she gets on the top of a man, she shows all her love and desire. A man should gather from the actions of the woman of what disposition she is, and in what way she likes to be enjoyed."
(Kamasutra, 1883)