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Hi Agi, thanks for meeting with me for my consultation on April 29, 2013. I was thrilled to meet with you, awesome person! As you can see, payment has been sent for my session which I am really forward to next month upon my return to the states. I just wanted to say thank you for taking time from a busy schedule to meet with me. Matthew, South Salem, NY

Dear Agi, thank you so very kindly for acting as couples facilitator for my wife and myself. The sessions was truly amazing and quite dynamic. I am not sure where the time went, but we are ready for yet another session. We plan on much practicing and will try to work on the 'stress factors' in our lives as you suggested. You are an amazing woman with an abundance of love and patience, and the session was one of the most erotic experiences we've had since we were young and dating in our 20's. Sue and Robert Dey, NYC NY

Agi, thanks so much for the DARK TANTRA session and all the time you put into planning it. It was fabulous, I can't thank you enough, J. Krauss, NYC

Namaste Agi, our session was utterly wonderful. I really enjoyed everything from the tea ceremony to a very highly instructive session. I plan on using what you taught me at home, and will be back soon for the couples session. Thank you also for making me feel at home in a country that I knew not much about. Again, I owe you quite a bit, I'm just so happy with the time you took with me. It was an amazing experience, mainly because of your deep caring of the Tantric arts, and the way you cared for me during my session. I felt very excited and complete and that was worth so much to me. Namaste, Deb Lohoff, Germany

Agi, what a fabulous session. I can't begin to mention my overall gratitude to you for your offerings. It was such a pleasure meeting with a wonderful woman, who is quite beautiful and knowledgeable in so many things. I enjoyed our bath ceremony, conversation and overall session. It was a complete awakening for me. I must say I floated home, and truly can't wait to do this again very soon.
RWF, Ridgefield CT

It was a pleasure meeting with you. My two hour session was the most incredible experience...everything from the candle lit ceremonial bath to the Tantra session were exquisite. You are wonderful with fabulous guiding hands. I am so happy to have found my secret "little thing" for me. It was a great start to a lovely day.
I thank you so much, Namaste, Marsha Winston

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What a wonderful time to be had. Thank you so much for coming into NYC to meet with me for my session. It was an intoxicating experience and one that I wish to repeat again and again. Unfortunately two hours was not enough time, but I do plan on booking a four hour session very soon. You have left me with tons of knowledge, and the Yoni instruction as well as nude mutual massage is something I will never forget. I can't wait to see you again.
My best, Tara Olson, Oyster Bay NY

Dear Goddess Agi, you are a very confident, competent, expert TANTRA teacher. This entire session was a new experience for me and very worthwhile. You possess a great talent and I had a wonderful time. Being I was quite new to Tantra and did not know what to expect, I found you to be very professional and you immediately made me feel at ease. I felt the session to be fabulous. I loved the idea of tea and conversation which soon made me feel blissfully comfortable. Your amazing repertoire of exotic oil and hand stroke formulations were fabulous. Agi...you are highly considerate and knowledgeable, very professional without detracting from your sex appeal. For anyone that wishes a fabulous session, I highly recommend you Agi. Thank you so very much.
Lovingly, William

Namaste Agi! Although I have already called you, I MUST thank you once again for a wonderful session. I am so sorry it had to end it but I must tell you that your touch is golden. The deep rubdown was wonderful. You are gorgeous, naturally pretty and so worldly. This session was as nice as the one last year around Fathers day. I look forward to yet another session. I will send you more autographed photos of me so you can give them to your children. You are the kindest and most caring person I have ever come across. See you soon.
Love & respect, Adam

Goddess Agi, I am forever grateful for your time. I know you were quite busy, and you set aside the time for me being I was a referral. I am forever in your debt for that. My session with you was incredible, and I have never felt better since. I had a wonderful day, and I look forward to bringing my better half in a few months. I KNOW she will adore you, what is not to love? You are amazing, and very good at what you do. Much good luck with your studies in Tantra and in your nursing career. You are a wonderful person, with hands of gold and a mind of a scientist. Quite unique in every way possible.
Peace & love, Jack NYC

Dear Goddess Agi, I cannot put into words the feelings that were able to be brought about to me again from just one session with you.. I had my doubts at first as I thought Tantra was something Taboo, but I am so very happy. My husband noticed it right away, and my children said mommy looked very happy. I have already booked my next appointment (I am sure you know that) and hopefully I can one day sponsor you to come to me.
Love Linda

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Thank you Goddess for letting me into your life. I am highly pleased and so happy to have found a Goddess that I can relate to. You have become my best friend, and that means so much to me. I hope to be able to get my wife to the next session. I am at a loss for words, but you really made my stay in Westchester a very favorable one. I have learned so much I want to scream it out to the world.
Your forever friend, Frank, Camden NJ

Agi, thank you EVER so much for the couples session with myself and Karen. She is still raving about it, and I am too. You are a beautiful girl with a smoking body, and have mastered the art of Tantra and body work in a way I cannot describe. Good luck in your studies and best to your family. You are a brilliant woman!
Charles H., Westin, CT

Namaste Goddess! My session with you was mystical and magical. I really do not know the words to say thank you. I see how much you put into your sessions, and how much planning was put into mine, and I am so grateful. Your Tantric touch is incredible. I hope to see you again when I am in NY or NJ, as no one compares to you.
Most grateful, Andreas from Amsterdam

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Hello Agi. The couples Tantra that we set aside for us was wonderful. My wife and I had the best time ever. She was always a bit on the frigid side, but now, she is not. She is less aloof, and more loving and sure of herself. It was the best gift I could have ever given her and let alone, me! I hope to be setting up another session soon, and if you ever need any collision work done on your car, just give a call. Again, the session was impeccable, it really made Marsha open up quite a bit.
Namaste! Steven, Fort Dix Long Island

Agi, thank you for a wonderful evening of Tantra. Aside from falling when I went to get up from being just so relaxed, I have to thank you for the various techniques you taught me. They went over so very well at home.
Don, Larchmont NY

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